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Jerome Campbell was convicted and sentenced to death of the aggravated murder of Henry Turner. Henry Turner lived in an apartment at 1008 York Street, Cincinnati. Jerome Campbell had formerly lived in the same apartment building as Turner and has been in Turner's apartment before, but had moved out about 2 months before the murder. On December 23, 1988, Henry Turner's neighbor, Leon Callins, visited Turner and left at 8.00 p.m. The next morning he found Turner lying dead, a knife sticking throug his wrist. The police found the apartment in disarry, items were lying on the floor, the television layed facedown on the floor.
On December 30, the police arrested Jerome Campbell at his sister's apartment. He denied the murder.


According to the State Jerome Campbell is a calculating murderer. The State's theory is that he broke in the apartment of Henry Turner to rob and when Turner woke up, Jerome Campbell killed him.


Jerome Campbell's fingerprint was found on a light bulb on the floor outside Turner's apartment. The palm print was found on the outside surface of the door leading from the hallway into the kitchen, directly above the lock.

Donna Roberts lived at 1010 York Street. She knew Jerome Campbell as "Scar Face" or "Burnt Face", injuries he received from a house-burning at the age of four. Around 11.00 p.m. on December 23, while walking to a local bar, Roberts saw somebody in the alley between 1010 York and 1008 York. She did not see the persons face, but said he or she wore white jogging pants. About 2 hours later, Roberts was walking home and passing the alley, Roberts was startled to see Jerome Campbell standing in the alley. Jerome was wearing dark pants and helt what might have been a bottle.

In his sister's apartment the police found a pair of gym shoes stained with human blood. Under the bed, they found an empty Bacardi rum bottle - the code number on the label matched the number on a Bacardi bottle found in Turner's apartment.

Rony Clardy and Angelo Roseman, both convcited felons, were in jail at the same time. Both later testified that Campbell admitted to them that he had murdered Turner.

Estella Roe, Jerome Campbell's ex-girl-friend, received a letter from him setting forth an alibi for her to testify to.

The jury convicted Jerome Campbell of aggravated murder, a felony-urder specification, and two counts of aggravated burglary. After a penalty hearing, he was sentenced to death.


According to the State Jerome Campbell broke in Henry Turner's apartment and killed him when he woke up. The police found an empty bottle of Bacardi in the apartment of Jerome Campbell's sister. But Jerome Campbell lived in the same apartment building before and has bought liquor from Henry Turner before!
When Jerome Campbell wanted to rob Henry Turner, why should he steal a half bottle of Bacardi and not the money, which was sitting open on top of a cabinet full of liquor and a gun, which was found, sitting in a bag right infront of the cabinet?

In 1998 (ten years later!) the attorney's of Jerome Campbell finally got the police report and they found out that the so called "jailhouse snitches" have made a deal with the state for their testifying.

Jerome Campbell wrote a letter to his ex-girl-friend Estella Roe, asked her to lie for her. But just as he couldn't get Karen, a "one-night-stand" to testify for him that they were together at the time of the crime! He tried to get an alibi when he noticed that the system would do all to make him look like a murderer and kill him.!!!

A glove was found and a DNA-test was made along with the gym shoes of Jerome. The test came back "inconclusive", so the DNA-test was negative!!!

In the police report is stated that Jerome Campbell's footprint was found outside in the common hallway, not inside the apartment! A bloody footprint was found - and this footprint doesn't match to Jerome Campbell!!! The picture of the bloody footprint was never shown at trial - was never even mentioned!!!

There were no fingerprints of Jerome Campbell found on the murder weapon!!!

Donna Roberts first stated she didn't know who she saw but after the police talked to her they made her say it was Jerome Campbell!


There is serious doubt in the guilt of Jerome Campbell and he needs help desperately! He is on death row now since 11 years and already in his federal appeals. Time is running out, SO PLEASE HELP!!!


Write to these people in protest

                               Governor of Ohio                                                      Attorney General
                               George Vainovich                                                     Betty D. Montgomery
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                               Riffe Center, 30th floor                                            30 East Broad Street
                               Columbus, Ohio 43266-0601                                    Columbus, Ohio 43215-3428
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                               Supreme Court of Ohio
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